Renovating House

Everything in this world has an expiry date and has to fade out with the passage of time, so does the house that we build. At a certain age of the house it needs repairs and renovations. Some things can be repaired but the things that need to be changed in the house are renovated. Renovating an old house takes more brains than any other project related to the house. Besides, it gives a fresh look to the old place and makes it more attractive to the eyes.


Why people renovate their houses: There are certain definite reasons. For example, the sewerage system is in need to be replaced, floors have gotten wide cracks, paint is worn out, woodwork is spoilt due to weather conditions etc.

Renovations and additions can improve the livability and sustainability of your home with careful planning, thoughtful design and a considered choice of a builder.

If you have decided to renovate your home and are comfortable with its size but its out dated, and the floor plan may not be working for you. The exterior could do with a makeover or it may just be a bathroom that needs renovating.

It is fun and very exciting to take up a renovation project. But one must keep in mind some key points before doing that:

Budget: We have to consider our options regarding the place and the budget. One must not rush to the expensive designers and waste money, because your choice might not appeal to the designer and vice versa.

Evaluate: Evaluate yourself what needs to be done. Once you have evaluated it yourself, discuss it with some of the experts. You may not foresee certain things which are mandatory during renovation of a house. You may not be able to set the priority right, may miss the right estimate according to your budget or link the various tasks with each other.

Market Research: Once you have jotted down the things, please make sure that you do a small market survey of prices of the products in order to validate your budget. Make sure that the budget that you had finalized in step 1, should be higher than the renovation process that you have finalized (Inflation, unforeseen expenditure, additional items that you have not planned or tendency to get attracted to expensive products normally increases the cost of renovation by 10-15%) and if you don’t want this to happen keep 10-15% contingency expenditure.

Make a detailed plan: Feasibility and planning is one of the most important parts of any project. So, make a detailed plan and the rooms that you plan to renovate get them designed. I would reiterate that please get the design of the room or place that you want to renovate.


Looking at the place we should analyze all the possibilities before taking up the project because if we get stuck on any wrong material for example if we are renovating a living room and we choose a wrong shade of paint for it and wrong choice of floor than the whole thing is going to turn in to a disaster.

The cost of designing is 3-5% of renovation cost and a survey suggests that if you go without a design you tend to pay on average 20-25% higher cost for rework. You can see samples of few designs here.  from our library or you can get the design prepared according to your needs here. If you don’t like the design, the rectification is possible but if you don’t like the actual renovation the rectification is not possible as you have already exhausted all your savings. According to the research we conducted, people tend to make changes in the design they themselves have conceived 87% of the times. These changes could be small or large.

Plan for the future but you have to live in present: Many people renovate the house according to the future needs. I will not recommend that. I would suggest that you always keep the option open for making minor renovations and achieving what you think you will need in 10 years but don’t just do that right now. Do what you need today and is in vogue in the present.

Find the right contractor: Please be very careful in selecting a contractor. The best way to find a good contractor is talk to the people around you. Secondly, do go on other people recommendations. Look at the projects that they have done and discuss the cost as well as quality your require in detail. Always be open to answering the questions precisely that your contractor asks and do ask questions from them.

Visit and check the implementation work every day: Lots of contractors might say that you don’t need to worry and your presence is not required anymore and once we reach a specific stage we will call you but always visit every day when the work is in progress. Not visiting the site can increase your cost by 20-25% or will admit you to make compromises on certain things if you are not a regular visitor of the site.

We can help you assess your current home and advise the options available to you.

We can assist you to define the family dynamics that will drive the way you intend to live and play now and in the future.

You can tap into our experience in making your home renovation.